Natarajan “Chandra” Chandrasekaran, CEO and Managing Director, TATA Consultancy Services

Raghav Bahl, Founder & Managing Director, Network 18 Group

Shailesh Rao, Managing Director, Google Media and Platforms - Asia Pacific and Japan

Dean Sunil Kumar, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Panel

This panel will discuss the trends and themes for innovation in South Asian subcontinent. The panel will also cover the innovation gaps and trillion dollar opportunities from investor's point of view. The entrepreneurs on our panel will give us a unique perspective on why their businesses are best positioned to take advantage of these gaps.


Professor Scott Meadow, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer,

Abhi Shah, CEO and Managing Director, The Clutch Group

Sunil Sinha, Chief, Group Quality Management Services, Tata Sons Ltd.

Sandeep Ahuja, CEO and Co-founder Operation ASHA

Equitable growth - Striving towards a better tomorrow

As India continues to achieve spectacular GDP growth, we need to ensure that it is all inclusive focusing on investment in social welfare particularly in education, healthcare and infrastructure development. Soaring food prices and inflation have further exacerbated inequities and income disparity. In this panel we want to explore how booming corporate India can bridge this gap with the help of NGOs, the public sector and governmental organizations.



Ram Shivakumar, Clinical Associate Professor of Economics and Strategy, University of Chicago


Thangavel Palanivel , Chief Economist for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Development Programme

Gurcharan Das, Author and Management Guru

Jason Gonzales, CEO, AquaVida International (@jasongonzo)

Geeta Mehta, Adjunct Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Columbia University

Shayak Banerjee, Head of Program Review & Management, Pratham

India's Global Jobs and Careers

India's rapid human capital market development has led to widely acknowledged capability gaps. This panel will explore how these skill gaps manifest themselves and the opportunities they create for companies both in the US and India. The panelists will discuss their experiences of tackling the human capital challenges in India. They will also share their perspective on the differences between human capital practices in India and the United States and what lessons can both countries learn from each other.


Puneet Shivam, Head US and Global co-head BPO vertical, Avendus Capital


Praveen Chennareddy, Vice-President, Strategy, Marathon Data Systems

Prabhakar Reddy, Managing Director, ANSR Group and Managing Partner, Naya Ventures

Gunjan Bagla, Founder and Managing Director, Amritt Ventures

Ganesh Pai, Head, Insurance Market Unit, MphasiS

2011 India Investment Outlook

Key emerging markets, such as India are experiencing more robust real economic growth than developed economies, with stronger balance sheets and substantial potential to foster domestic consumption growth. In recent times, we have observed India being impacted by the global economic cycles, however bouncing back with a new vigour which makes it an opportunity not to be missed by the global investment community. Nevertheless, one of the major challenges facing India is the cyclical inflation and cost-push pressures that may drive down corporate profits.  In the context of accelerating growth and globalization, leaders in the private equity, venture capital and investment management community will provide their unique insights on the evolution of investing in India, along with the current near and long-term outlook in the investment landscape, "actionable themes" and the challenges that investors need to be aware of while developing successful investment strategies.


Seth Freeman, Co-Founder and CEO of EM Capital Management, LLC


James A. Quella, Senior Managing Director, The Blackstone Group

Steve Beinhacker, Sr. Vice President and Chief Investment Officer - Emerging Markets Growth, Alliance Bernstein

Christopher J. Garrett, CFA, Institutional Portfolio Manager, Brandes Investment Partners

Rajesh Sawhney, President, Reliance Entertainment

Raj Pai, Managing Director, Global Environment Fund Advisors India

Media and Entertainment

Through the Media & Entertainment panel, we take a closer look at the industry and help young business leaders anticipate and take advantage of new waves of opportunities. ILS 2011 summit is proud to showcase this fast growing industry via a dynamic and powerful group of highly successful business people who have left an impression in their respective industry verticals. These executives will discuss ways that they have successfully brought powerful ideas, strategies and execution into play in a competitive environment. The discussion will portray myriad paths to success while gaining more insights into potential roadblocks to success.


Harjiv Singh, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Gutenberg Communications


Akash Bhatia, Co-founder, KyaZoonga

Shivani Prabhakar, Former Head of Marketing at Dharma Productions

Indira S. Somani, Ph.D, Asst. Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications, Washington and Lee University

Afsar Zaidi, Founder and CEO, Carving Dreams

Sarbvir Singh, Managing Director, Capital18