Shalom Chicago Booth!

The Jewish Business Student Association (JBSA) fosters Jewish life at the the University of Chicago Booth School of Business by offering cultural, social, religious, and educational activities to the Chicago Booth Jewish community, including partners, family and friends. JBSA connects young adults across all of the University of Chicago graduate programs by providing resources and experiences that link them to one another and to the community.

Who we are...

The JBSA welcomes members of all religious and denominational backgrounds, as well as members from around the world. Our goal is to strengthen the Jewish community at Chicago Booth by providing diverse and dynamic activities. We also strive to raise overall awareness of the JBSA on campus and build strong relationships with other faith-based student groups.

Professional Support

We provide many networking opportunities throughout the year - at Booth and in the greater Chicagoland area.

As a first-year member you can expect to receive career support and advice from second-years and alumni.

JBSA also fosters relationships with the Jewish faculty at Booth and brings thought-provoking speakers to campus.


Cultural Activities

In the fall celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with JBSA.

In the spring get ready to party it up with JBSA for Purim and enjoy a memorable seder for Pesach.

We also observe Israeli Independence Day and other important holidays.



Social Gatherings

Join JBSA for quarterly Shabbat dinners - a fun opportunity to take a break from the busy week of classes and recruiting.

We often host mixers with the other University of Chicago graduate students and love to find opportunities to reach out to our Jewish b-school friends up north at Kellogg.

Additionally, we strive to provide opportunities for volunteering and interfaith learning.


Join Us! The JBSA is here to help all Jewish business students succeed at Chicago Booth - socially, academically and professionally. We hope you will join us soon!

For more information please contact JBSA.

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