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General Industry Links:
CFA Institute
Pensions and Investments

Stock Quotes and Information:
Wall Street City
Yahoo! Finance
Google Finance
Value Investors Club

Valuation Tools:
Damodaran Online - Provides spreadsheet templates for a number of valuation techniques (click on the "valuation" or "Spreadsheet" link).

Financial News:
Wall Street Journal
Financial Times
NY Times

Economic News and Analysis:
The Economist
The Dismal Scientist from

Macroeconomic Data:
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis - GDP, National Income and Product Accounts, International Accounts, etc.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - CPI, Unemployment, Payroll Employment, Productivity, etc.
St. Louis Federal Reserve Economic Data - FRED - Compilation of most relevant U.S. macroeconomic indicators
U.S. Treasury - Office of Domestic Finance - Daily Treasury Yield Curve rates
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System - Source for official Fed announcements and monetary policy decisions
University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers - Public access to University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment surveys
Institute of Supply Management - Access to ISM Report on Business and ISM Manufacturing survey
Chicago Board of Trade - 30 Day Federal Funds Futures contract settlements
MSCI - Global MSCI equity indices data
National Bureau of Economic Research - Official recession dates for the U.S. dating back to the 1850's
CRSP - Center for Research in Security Prices

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