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Booth's Investment Management Group serves as a conduit of information on careers in the investment management field and about the practical workings of capital markets.  Our goal is to help students prepare for recruiting, interviewing, and succeeding at firms within all parts of the investment management arena.  We focus on equities and fixed income, fundamental and quantitative approaches, and roles within buy-side funds, sell-side firms, and private wealth management.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has consistently produced the best qualified and most sought-after investment management graduates, ready for any career: buy-side and sell-side, equity and fixed income, fundamental and quantitative.

The Investment Management Group is critical to this success. As one of the most active MBA investment management groups around, the IMG will play an invaluable role in your education and recruiting. Through interview and job-skill preparation, the IMG ensures that you get the investment management job you want!

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