Chicago Booth
Investment Banking Group

Our activities include:

  • IBG Conference
  • LBO Challenge and other case competitions
  • Bank Week (New York City)
  • London Banking Summit
  • Modeling seminars
  • Valuation seminars
  • Resume reviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Student panels
  • Bank-sponsored workshops

Please visit the Events and Conferences section for more information on these activities.

The Investment Banking Group (IBG) is one of the largest student groups on campus and serves as a link among three main constituents: Investment Banks, Booth students, and the Booth Career Services Office.

Our goal is to best equip our members with an exhaustive knowledge of the investment banking industry and to aid in guiding them successfully to a career in investment banking.

In addition, it is our mission to educate the industry about the specific strengths of Booth students and the Booth curriculum.

Throughout the year, we hold various events to help educate students about investment banking, navigate them through the recruiting process, and provide them with opportunities to network with banks.