Family Enterprise Group
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The Family Enterprise Group (FEG) provides a forum for students already in family businesses, those who wish to become part of one and those who wish to create one. In addition this group is also aimed at students who aspire to work in environments that are heavily focused on family businesses such as middle-market investment banks and private equity funds.

The group seeks to foster thought leadership at Chicago Booth on the challenges family businesses face, and to promote the importance of this form of business in the economy, especially in emerging markets. The main topics for the group are the special corporate culture in family businesses, family relations and business, corporate governance in family enterprises and the transition process between generations. We seek to educate interested students on these topics and to enhance the exchange and discussion.The group organizes the following activities:

  1. Workshops with family business managers and alumni to discuss their experiences
  2. Lunch & Learns with faculty members and experts from outside Chicago Booth about family business issues
  3. A student-run workshop series, in which students present their family business and get advice from the group
  4. Social events and networking events outside of school to share perspectives between club members

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