Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
Energy Foundry Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) at Chicago Booth


The VCIC distinguished judges panel is comprised of leading venture capitalists and investors from Chicago. The panel observes the day’s proceedings, including the entrepreneurs' presentations and the students' due diligence sessions with the entrepreneurs, listens to the students negotiate terms sheets with the entrepreneurs, and evaluates how the students perform as venture capitalists. During the cocktail networking reception, the panel awards the winning team the honor of representing Chicago Booth at the Regional VCIC.

Past Judges:

Jason Blumberg
Jason Blumberg, '05
CEO and Managing Director,
Energy Foundry

Jason Heltzer
Jason Heltzer, ’02
General Partner, OCA Ventures
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Chicago Booth

Bailey Moore
Bailey Moore,
Vice President, Wintrust Financial

Yelena Shkolnik
Gale Bowman, '12
Managing Director,
Irish Angels

Jason Starr
John Tough, '12
Chief Revenue Officer,
Choose Energy

Guy Turner
Guy Turner, '10
Hyde Park Venture Partners