Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
Energy Foundry Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) at Chicago Booth


The VCIC provides numerous benefits for presenting entrepreneurs. Participation in the VCIC offers entrepreneurs access to venture capitalists who appreciate that the organizing committee has pre-screened and picked the best deals. Many companies have secured venture funding after participating in the VCIC. Additionally, entrepreneurs get first-hand feedback on their ventures from top MBA students interested in venture capital and entrepreneurship. Students provide the entrepreneur with unique insights and a variety of mock term sheets that can help the company in future investment rounds.

Presenting at the VCIC requires a full day commitment on a Friday. If chosen to present, the entrepreneur must give a 10-minute pitch to participating students and venture capitalists, participate in Q&A sessions with each team, and perform a mock negotiation with each team that chooses their investment. A networking session with the panel of VC judges follows the competition.

Entrepreneurs Selection Process
The selection committee looks for entrepreneurs who are actively seeking institutional venture capital. The VCIC is probably not a good fit for you if you are a student or part-time entrepreneur or are looking for an angel investor. If interested, contact Cerise Miller in the Polsky Center. Selection will be based on a combination of factors, not necessarily the belief in the company's fundability. There is no participation fee for entrepreneurs.

Past Entrepreneurs:

A.J. Noronha
Nicole Staple (left) and
Sonali Lamba (right)


Mike Fisher
Mike Shannon

Cameron Wall
Lenny Lebovich
Founder and CEO
PRE Brands LLC

Cameron Wall
Sally Bell

Director of Marketing
PRE Brands LLC

Gali Baler

Sintact Medical Systems, LLC