Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

EVC Co-Chairs

EVC Co-Chairs have both general and specific responsibilities. General responsibilities include group programming, working with the Polsky Center, developing opportunities for students, and building relationships with alumni.

Ian Connell

Natalie Coleman
Background: Before Booth I launched and managed a food truck and catering co.
Ask me about: My favorite city Chicago, competing in the Social New Venture Challenge (SNVC), why I interned at a corporate, anything food related.
How I'm involved with entrepreneurship and/or VC: Co-founder of Chicago Design Exchange (connecting entrepreneurs and designers), member of Chicago Innovation Exchange, participate in and organize lots of programming for entrepreneurs both at and outside of Booth
Fun Fact: One time I biked halfway around the world.

Tricia Felice

Peter Christman
Background: Prior to Booth I worked at Eurasia Group, where I split time across sales, business/product development, and operations. I graduated from Notre Dame--the top undergraduate business school in the country--with a degree in Political Science. Savvy. 
Ask me about: Chicago startup/VC landscape, landing a role at a startup, significant others, hot cheetos and takis.
How I'm involved with entrepreneurship and/or VC: Concentration in Entrepreneurship (Recommended: Entrepreneurial Selling, EF&PE, CI); interned over winter/spring with a tech startup out of 1871; participated (and lost) in competitions like Chicago Startup Weekend and VCIC; helping design the Chicago Innovation Exchange; and always grabbing coffee with anyone interested in anything entrepreneurial. (So send me a note!)
Fun fact: Big fan of my fiancee, mutt puppy, homebrewing, menswear design, and the Booth Rugby Club. 

Lizzie Gay

Erin Lenhardt
Background: Prior and right up to starting at Booth, I traveled the country doing bizdev for a biotech services company.  I realized I was in the wrong industry in 2011, so co-founded a food business with my pops and started working on my biotech exit strategy, which ended up being Chicago Booth.  Best decision ever.
Ask me about: Food, food entrepreneurship, family business, dogs in Chicago/b-school, NVC, and VC opportunities for people with non-traditional backgrounds.  I'm always happy to connect.
How I'm involved with entrepreneurship and/or VC: Entrepreneurship concentration, NVC, internship with the Sustainable Local Food Investment Group (SLoFIG), PE/VC Lab.
Fun fact: I have a six-year-old hound/lab dog named Mo, raise orchids, and cook almost everyday.  I'm interested in figuring out how to modify the food supply chain to influence supply and demand for fresh, whole foods.

Will Lee

David Rabie
Background: Launched mobile app & ran bicoastal chain of frozen yogurt stores.
Ask me about: Mobile apps, the Lakers, working with the Polsky Center.
How I'm involved with entrepreneurship and/or VC: Ran my own business while at Booth & currently working on new concept.
Fun fact: I make a smoothie every morning, speak 4 languages and like hosting dinner parties.

Felisha Liu

Sandeep Rao
Background: After graduating from Harvard with a B.A. in Applied Mathematics, I worked for three years at a strategy firm where he focused on financial modeling for telecom companies and private equity due diligence. Before joining business school, I interned at Rentricity, a clean-tech startup.
Ask Me About: Venture Capital in Chicago, Sports Analytics.
How I'm involved with entrepreneurship and/or VC: At Booth, I has been heavily involved with venture capital and start-up programming on campus including Start-Up Weekend, VCIC & Start-up/VC treks.
Fun Fact: I use to scrimmage with Jeremy Lin!

David London

Bhavik Trivedi
Background: Before coming to Booth, I was a Strategy consultant with a global firm focusing on consumer products with experiences across functions and throughout the value chain.
Ask me about: Working on your own business while at Booth, Polsky's EIP program, Chicago start-ups, how to get involved, significant others, and dog friendly restaurants.
How am I Involved with Entrepreneurship and/or VC: I own my own education firm and currently in the process of growing the primary vehicle while exploring peripheral opportunities. Also, love networking in the Chicago start-up ecosystem and chatting with students about what this entrepreneurship thing is all about!
Fun Fact: I enjoy crafting unnecessarily fancy cocktails and treating our puppy like the center of the universe that he is!

Whitney Morgan

Emily Wang
Background: I worked at Deloitte Consulting in Detroit in the Strategy & Operations practice, where I focused mainly on healthcare and automotive clients. The summer prior to coming to Booth, I worked at an early stage online farmer's market startup in the Bay Area.  
Ask me about: Working at early stage startups, Chicago / SF startups, entrepreneurship classes and programming at Booth.
How I'm involved with entrepreneurship and/or VC: Coursework (Building the New Venture, Social New Venture Challenge), leading startup treks to Silicon Valley and Chicago, promoting collaboration and networking among entrepreneurs across MBA programs.
Fun fact: I taught myself how to play ukulele by watching YouTube videos.


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