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EVC Co-Chairs

EVC Co-Chairs have both general and specific responsibilities. General responsibilities include group programming, working with the Polsky Center, developing opportunities for students, and building relationships with alumni.

To reach out to individual co-chairs, click on one of the names below. For general queries, please email: boothevc@gmail.com

Mayuri Baheti

Mayuri Baheti
Background: I grew up in Moline, IL and went to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where I majored in Accounting and Finance. Prior to Booth, I spent about 4 years as a technology consultant at Microsoft.
Summer Internship: Participating in the Polsky Accelerator to launch a healthy food business
Ask Me About: Entrepreneurial Discovery, the Natural Food Industry, Polsky, Startup Treks, VC and Startup job hunting, Interning during the school-year, etc.
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: This past fall, I took Entrepreneurial Discovery where I brainstormed business solutions to food waste (alongside Kallie!), volunteered for Seedcon, attended many of EVC’s lunch and learn sessions, and was a VCIC alternate. This winter & spring, I am interning with Spiral Sun Ventures, a Chicago VC fund focused on better-for-you products.
Fun Fact: I was a backup dancer for the runner-ups to Britain’s Got Talent!

Nikhita Giridhar

Nikhita Giridhar
Background: I grew up in Bangalore, India before moving to the U.K. to study Computer Science and Business. I started my career in financial services, as a regulatory analyst at Goldman Sachs in London. I then pivoted to follow my entrepreneurial dreams and founded an e-commerce and fashion analytics company serving the fragmented emerging designer segment in South East Asia.
Summer Internship: Product Management at Walmart eCommerce
Ask Me About: Starting businesses, e-commerce, Chicago startups/VC, pursuing entrepreneurship as an international student, entrepreneurship classes at Booth.
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: I founded, raised funding for and exited my startup - just to make it to Booth (jk). I’m currently working on a networking platform that I hope to take through NVC next year. I’m interning at a consumer-tech focused VC in Chicago through Winter and Spring and I’m a huge fan of all the EIRs at Polsky (and meet with them regularly!). My first entrepreneurial experience at Booth was developing a prototype app for personal relationship management through Entrepreneurial Discovery. Fun Fact: I’ve been stranded on a remote island in Thailand (due to a terrible thunderstorm) with a broken knee! I stayed in a cottage without electricity for 4 nights before paying someone to risk his life (and mine) to get me off the island.

Cameron Gould-Saltman

Cameron Gould-Saltman
Background: Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m a huge foodie. After graduating Ohio State University, I worked at Unilever in Finance before landing at Amazon, where I most recently worked in AmazonFresh, Amazon’s grocery delivery service, launching seven new cities, building out the mealkit strategy, and running the Deli and Specialty Cheese categories.
Summer Internship: Technology strategy consulting at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Co.)
Ask Me About: Consumer Investing, Food, Chicago startups, Living in Los Angeles or New York, Cheese
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: In Fall quarter, I worked on a go-to market strategy for a SAAS startup in Chicago. In Winter quarter, I worked at The Hatchery Chicago, a food business incubator, where I had the chance to work with 20+ food startups in the Chicagoland area. I am also consulting a few startups and NVC teams on navigating the retail space. In Spring quarter, I will be working at Bluestein & Associates, a food-focused VC fund in Chicago, and taking the VC Lab concurrently.
Fun Fact: Getting attacked by wild dogs in Bhutan led to the most amazing flight of my life in Nepal flying around Mt. Everest and drinking champagne with new friends

Robert Kaplan

Robert Kaplan
Background: I grew up in North Carolina (come on and raise up) and I went to the University of Michigan Ross School of Business for undergrad. Prior to Booth, I spent 3 years in asset management at J.P. Morgan, one year doing business operations at a boot-strapped ad-tech company, and two years running the growth team and helping with fundraising at Shop Spring, an e-commerce marketplace that recently closed its Series C. I spent the summer before booth working at Primary Venture Partners in NYC and currently work at Listen Ventures. 
Summer Internship: Robert will be spending his summer working in San Francisco at B Capital Group, a $360M global venture fund investing in the Series B and C rounds for transformative technology startups. Ask Me About: How to break into VC, Growth Marketing, different roles within a startup, startup fundraising, VC Treks, Ox-Chi PE Challenge, and general life advice
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: Responsible for VC Programming, took Commercializing Innovation and VC lab, and went on the NY VC Trek. I intern at Listen Ventures and am involved in all things VC.
Fun Fact: I was an extra in a straight to DVD Haley Joel Osment movie called Home of The Giants

Kallie Parchman

Kallie Parchman
Background: I grew up in Baltimore (go Ravens!), and studied Psychology & Economics at Yale, where I also played lacrosse.  Before Booth, I was at Morgan Stanley in NYC, spending time in the principal M&A group and then working for Firm Management.  I also helped out with the Warrior-Scholar Project in its inaugural years.
Summer Internship: Thumbtack - excited to live in SF for the first time!
Ask Me About:  VC lab, opportunities with the Polsky Center, career switching, debating investing vs. operating experience, interning during the year, start-up trek
How I’m Involved In Entrepreneurship/VC:  This past fall, I participated in the Polsky Center’s Small Business Growth program.  I also brainstormed business solutions to food waste (alongside Mayuri!) in Entrepreneurial Discovery.  This winter & spring, I am interning with Cleveland Avenue, a Chicago VC fund.  Over the course of the year, I also volunteered with SeedCon and VCIC, and think I went to about every lunch-and-learn EVC put on.
Fun Fact: I have been to Punxsutawney, PA to see the groundhog.

Meha Patel

Meha Patel
Background: I grew up in New Jersey and went NYU for undergrad where I majored in Finance and Economics. Prior to Booth, I spent 2 years in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and then 2 years at Zocdoc, a growth-staged healthcare technology startup, in the Finance & Strategy team.
Summer Internship: Venture Capital Associate Intern at Bowery Capital in NYC
Ask Me About: VC job hunting, Commercializing Innovation, VC Treks, VCIC, Impact Investing / MIINT, Net Impact, Polsky, etc
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: Responsible for VC Programming, took Commercializing Innovation and VC lab, participated in MIINT and in VCIC (as an alternate), and went on the NY VC Trek. I also interned at OCA Ventures in the winter quarter, and am involved in all things VC and Impact Investing through Polsky & Rustandy.
Fun Fact: After living in NYC for almost 8 years, I still had yet to experience my first celebrity sighting, until I finally ran into Sarah Jessica Parker at a small wine bar and took her spot as she went to leave!

Jiali Yu

Jiali Yu
Background: I grew up in Melbourne, studied economics & finance at the University of Melbourne. Prior to Booth I worked in banking (ANZ Bank & Lloyds Bank) covering large multinational companies predominantly within the consumer industry. I have lived and worked in Melbourne, Sydney and New York, with sights on SF next!
Summer Internship: Jiali will be at Credible Inc over the summer in a Bizops position. Credible is a platform that connects consumers with personal finance products, tailored to their lifestyle and economic situation. 
Ask Me About: Start ups & VC, Commercializing Innovation, Lab Classes at Booth and NVC
How I’m Involved In Entrepreneurship/VC: I wore denim on denim one too many times to work until I realised banking wasn’t for me. Despite my finance career I have always been a risk taker – I relocated to New York from Australia a couple of years ago with no job and no place to live! I am starting an organic skin care line with a fellow Both student and currently interning at a growth equity fund (NextGen). I will be mainly helping out with Seedcon and am a TA for CI.
Fun Fact: I once asked Shailene Woodley to take a photo of my friends and I in the Lower East Side New York, without realising that she was a big wig.


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