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EVC Co-Chairs

EVC Co-Chairs have both general and specific responsibilities. General responsibilities include group programming, working with the Polsky Center, developing opportunities for students, and building relationships with alumni.

To reach out to individual co-chairs, click on one of the names below. For general queries, please email: boothevc@gmail.com

Renuka Agarwal

Renuka Agarwal
Background: I grew up in Oregon, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, which I still call home. I went to college at Columbia University and spent four years prior to Booth working in investment banking and advertising strategy at Goldman Sachs, Viacom, and LinkedIn. On the side, I ran my own company BOND - I’m all about that side hustle :)
Summer Internship: I spent the summer at Genentech in Corporate Strategy
Ask Me About: Entrepreneurial Discovery, NVC, Quick Pitches, career switching, Polsky Collaboratorium, singing/bands at Booth (Corey and I play together!)
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: I took Entrepreneurial Discovery last year and led a company, Spiff, through NVC; I am now helping with the startup 4Degrees, a company related to Spiff and currently in Chicago Techstars. I am actively involved with startup activities at Booth, like the quick pitches, and plan to continue to pilot my ideas this year.
Fun Fact: I am obsessed with the 90s/early 2000s; the Backstreet Boys Millennium tour was a life changing experience for me.

Trevor Gingras

Trevor Gingras
Background: I grew up in Richmond, VA, and then went to Virginia Tech for undergrad. Prior to Booth, I spent 5 years in DC working as an auditor at Deloitte. My most notable client was Fannie Mae and my most notable boss there is now my wife.
Summer Internship: May River Capital, an industrials-focused, middle-market PE firm in Chicago
Ask Me About: PE/VC Lab, SPITC, Commercializing Innovation, VC vs PE, Career-switching, Pinterest, etc.
How I’m Involved In Entrepreneurship/VC: While working at Deloitte, I started and operated a side hustle in the ticket business. Now, I’m helping to plan SeedCon and am a TA for Commercializing Innovation as well as the PE section of the PE/VC Lab. I participated in SPITC and PE/VC Lab last year. Also, my wife works at a VC shop.
Fun Fact: I’m probably the only person in the world who was injured playing bocce.

Greg Johnston

Greg Johnston
Background: From Boise, Idaho and bounced around the East Coast after going to Duke for undergrad. I previously did growth equity investing at LLR Partners, where I focused on cybersecurity, intelligence, risk management, and enterprise IT sectors.
Summer Internship: Associate at Corazon Capital, a Chicago-based VC firm.
Ask Me About: VC Treks, working in finance outside NY or SF, life in general.
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: Co-lead the East Coast and West Coast VC Treks. Help out all the time with pitch competitions, networking, mentoring, etc. Also, I’ve been working in VC at Corazon for a year now as I try to break the record for world’s longest internship.
Fun Fact: I haven’t cooked anything in like 6 years.

Melanie Quall

Melanie Quall
Background: Prior to Booth I consulted for Fortune 500 companies and private equity portfolio companies as a member of Accenture’s Retail Strategy practice, and I supported social entrepreneurs on the Bogota, Colombia team of the World Resource Institute’s New Ventures business accelerator.
Summer internship: Building Boundless, a skills-based job matching platform that connects companies and candidates based on their experiences, skills and preferences.
Ask Me About: Resources and opportunities in Chicago and at the University of Chicago for students seeking to explore startups and entrepreneurship
How I’m involved with Entrepreneurship/VC: Responsible for EVC startup-related programming, Teaching Assistant for Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship Scott Meadow’s Commercializing Innovation course

Corey Ritter

Corey Ritter
Background: My dad was in the Army, so I grew up all over the US. I went to Princeton and studied astrophysics on an Army ROTC scholarship. After school, I served as an Army Infantry officer, including a couple year-long trips to Afghanistan. 8 days after hanging up my uniform, I was in Chicago working with a startup in the Polsky summer accelerator as part of Startup Summer.
Summer Internship: ARCH Venture Partners
Ask Me About: Innovation Fund, Commercializing Innovation, NVC, VC Lab, interning during the year, all things Polsky, career-changing, science & entrepreneurship (yeah, science!), Chicago music venues
How I’m Involved In Entrepreneurship/VC: Polsky super-fan. I’ve worked with three startups as part of the Polsky Summer Accelerator, I-Corps, and NVC. I also interned with OCA Ventures, where I helped invest in healthcare tech. I’m a TA for Commercializing Innovation, an Innovation Fund Associate, and a VC intern at ARCH. I’m enthusiastic about commercializing scientific innovation - getting important stuff out of the lab and into the market.
Fun Fact: I’ve lived at 25 different addresses

Maureen (“Mo”) Wilkie

Maureen (“Mo”) Wilkie
Background: I grew up in a suburb of Chicago but haven’t moved back home since finishing up undergrad at Northwestern University. Since college, I’ve lived in NYC and Los Angeles doing everything investment banking to working at start ups to founding my own business.
Summer Internship: Kurt Salmon, a Retail focused strategy consulting firm.
Ask Me About: PE/VC Lab, Entrepreneurial Discovery, SeedCon, living in NYC vs. LA, starting a business, being an early employee at a start-up, most Polsky events.
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: I am in charge of planning SeedCon, EVC’s annual entrepreneurship and venture capital conference held in Chicago. I also help out with networking, start-up advice, and many other Polsky events.
Fun Fact: I have over 65 first cousins.

Oren Yunger

Oren Yunger
Background: I spent over 12 years in cyber security (yes, I’m old…). My career started with a 3-year cyber-focused military service in the IDF, and then I worked in the civil space as a consultant, team leader, and in my latest position prior to Booth, Chief Security Officer at Clicktale, a KKR-backed marketing analytics SaaS company. My undergrad degree is BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv College.
Summer Internship: VC at The Westly Group in Menlo Park, CA
Ask Me About: VC job hunting, cyber security start-up ideas, attending school with a partner, risk taking as an international student
How I’m Involved in Entrepreneurship/VC: VC lab participant and future TA, springtime intern with Chicago’s OCA Ventures, recently engaged in angel investing, Concentrating in Entrepreneurship.
Fun Fact: Hoping to save $5 on airport exchange fee in Iceland, I opted for the ATM. Confused about the currency, I accidentally withdrew $3,000 worth of Krónas, with a penalty of $200 on the exchange.


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