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About the Dean's Student & Alumni Representatives (DStAR)


Fostering Traditions, Linking Students & Alumni, Continuing a Legacy


To promote meaningful interaction between students and alumni and to strengthen the community and network of Chicago Booth. DStAR serves in the following capacities:

  • ADVISORY: act as student representatives in providing feedback to the Office of Alumni Affairs & Development (OAAD) and advice on alumni-student connectivity and programming
  • PROMOTION: act as student ambassadors to promote alumni events to their cohorts and the general student body
  • CONNECTIVITY: act as student executors of alumni-student programming to facilitate networking

History & Timeline:

  • October 2004: Class Agents was founded in October 2004 to serve as an advisory board to the OAAD.
    Agents were recruited from various cohorts to serve as liaisons to the student body who promoted the value of the alumni network.
  • Fall 2005: Cohort elections were first held.
  • Spring 2007: Initial charter authored to provide organizational structure and leadership guidelines.
  • Summer 2008: Charter revised to reflect growth of the group and its responsibilities.
  • Summer 2012: Class Agents changed their onboarding process from a peer election to an application faciliated by OAAD. The group's name changed to Dean's Student & Alumni Representatives (DStAR) to align the group with other department-driven groups, like the Dean's Marketing Advisory Committee (DMAC) and the Dean's Student Admissions Committee (DSAC).

DStAR Structure/Selection:

  • Representatives apply for positions through the OAAD during Fall quarter of their first year
  • DStAR includes 20 students from each class, each serving a two-year term
  • The leadership team is comprised of 4 to 5 co-chairs and partners closely with OAAD to oversee activities within four main committees:
    • Communication - Promotes the value of and opportunities to engage with the Booth alumni network.
    • Connection - Focused on providing informal, meaningful interactions between alumni and students.
    • Events - Coordinate DStAR involvement and support for alumni events, organize programming for General Meetings, and plan social events for the DStAR body
    • Senior Class Gift - Create and execute a fundraising campaign during the second year that celebrates your class' time at Booth and transitions students to alumni

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