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DStAR is excited to announce the results of Chicago Booth’s 4th Annual A3 Awards (Alumni Angel Awards).

A3 was established to recognize alumni for their outstanding contribution to the professional and personal development of current students, to raise awareness of the strength of the Booth network, and to honor those who embody what it means to be a Booth alumnus. The unique aspect of the A3 nomination and selection process is that it is run entirely by the student body, giving each one of us the chance to recognize the alumni that we feel are having the greatest impact on our careers and lives.

As a committee, we were blown away by the nominations. The awards are a testament to the meaningful relationships that our classmates have built and the outstanding ways that alumni have given back to the Booth community.  Please take the time to read their amazing stories and valuable advice in this issue.  This year, five distinct categories were highlighted: Professional Guidance/Mentorship, Student Group Involvement, Opportunity Creation, International Initiative and Personal Support.

Without further ado, here are the A3 Winners for the school year 2012-2013!

Category: Professional Guidance/Mentorship

Peter Kuzma, '12
Bain & Company

Student Nomination:

Peter Kuzma has made an outstanding contribution in initiating and developing the relationship between Bain & Company and Booth's Armed Forces Group (AFG). Additionally, Peter has provided personal guidance to many of the AFG’s members.

Peter, a veteran himself, forged a relationship with AFG in an effort to promote Booth's veterans’ recruiting endeavors. Through his diligence, he succeeded in motivating Bain to become an official sponsor of the AFG. For the group, this meant considerable financial and professional support.

Specifically, Peter has hosted a Lunch & Learn session for the AFG, which was dedicated to helping the group's members translate their unique military experiences into relevant consulting skills. Peter invested time and effort into mentoring Booth veterans and assisting them during their interview preparation. Peter also facilitated the development of new relationships with other Bain consultants and has become a personal mentor for many Booth veterans pursuing consulting careers.

Peter's Statement:

My education at Booth was tremendously empowering.  Coming in as a first year student in September 2010, I knew that the academics would be differentiating.  What really surprised and impressed me was the strength of the community.  I had fantastic mentorship, both in and outside of the veteran community, and that guidance played a critical role in my ability to use Booth as a career platform.  There are so many former Booth students who would make a similar statement – I think that’s why you see alumni continuing to play a prominent role in student life year after year.  I’m proud to be a Chicago Booth graduate, and I enjoy giving back.

Category: On Campus Involvement

Jed Buchanan , '99
Bain & Company

Student Nomination:

Jed has been extraordinarily generous with his time and insight. In the fall quarter, he gave up a full Saturday to assist the Leadership Challenge program, gave a detailed presentation as part of Career Services' consulting information sessions, and judged final round of the "Captivate Booth" speaking competition. Additionally, he finds time – even in his busy travel schedule as a partner at a major consulting firm – to have one-on-one coffee chats with Booth students interested in his firm, his practice area, or even just his industry. Jed is a vital connection between Booth and those who are interested in consulting or private equity, and his generosity has benefited countless students who are enriched by his time and assistance.

Jed's Statement:
The two years I spent at Booth in the late 90s were tremendously beneficial to me on both a personal and professional level.  In addition to an exceptional classroom education, I learned at least an equal amount from my classmates and alumni.  And, while I originally got involved with the Business Solutions Group and Leadership Challenge to give back to the school, I find I gain as much (or more!) from those interactions as I contribute.

Category: International Initiative

Kostiantyn (Konstantin) Magaletskyi, '09
Horizon Capital Advisors, LLC

Student Nomination:

Due to Konstantin's personal efforts, hundreds of prospective students from the former Soviet Union learned about and applied to Booth.  Konstantin’s blog about his MBA experience at Booth became one of the most trusted and most popular blogs about the MBA degree in Ukraine.  In his interviews to mass-media and at numerous presentations, Konstantin shared his Booth experiences and attracted many to the school.  Konstantin also represented Booth at various MBA-fairs and other events.  His personality, charisma and support to prospective students, made Chicago Booth the top choice for many applicants from CIS region. 

As a leader of the MBA alumni community in Ukraine, Konstantin makes sure that Booth is perceived as a leading brand in his home country.  Every year he interviews prospective students.  He also continuously supports Booth students once they arrive on campus, helping them to succeed both academically and professionally, and his advice is highly valued by both students and alumni of the program.

Konstantin's Statement:
I am very proud to say that Chicago Booth had a huge impact on my life overall, not just professional career. Thanks to the knowledge and skills obtained at Booth I’ve managed to become a Principal at the leading PE fund in Ukraine/CIS in less than two years after graduation.

I am very grateful to my alma mater for everything which I got there and will continue promoting Chicago Booth in Ukraine.

Category: Opportunity Creation

Guy Turner, '10
Managing Director
Hyde Park Venture Partners

Student Nomination:

Guy is very open and honest, and most importantly, empowering to Booth students.  He encourages students to take risks, think creatively, and trusts them to act.  Guy exemplifies the "Opportunity Creation Award" because he is always willing to share his thoughts on the VC industry and is always willing to help you get there. This is very unique in the closed VC industry, where firms are rarely hiring and the VPs, MDs and Partners are not interested in helping guide prospective industry entrants.  

Specifically for the associates of Hyde Park Angels, Guy has structured an entire workshop for team members on the various aspects of VC to help them learn more about the industry and to position them for growth and success.  He would also do this and share this information for any student interested in VC.  

Guy is extremely open and willing to give constructive feedback in order to help guide those interested in VC to be more effective venture capitalists. Most importantly, Guy very candidly answers questions to help students figure out how to achieve their career goals.

Guy's Statement:
I am honored to receive the Angel Alumni Award. Giving back to Booth and its students is the least I can do given that so much of what I have in life is because of Booth. 

There are few places where you can go from being a wonky engineer to consultant, to finding a business partner and launching a venture fund in a few years. Booth is one of those places. As much as anyone or thing in life, Booth is my partner and also my mother ship. Today I live within a mile of the Gleacher center and am there almost every week. My business partner is a Booth professor.  

I cherish the small opportunity I have to give back to Booth through the Hyde Park Angels associate program - a unique experiential learning program that was also my own launching pad into venture capital as a student. Every year, I get the chance to work with 10 of Booth's brightest and most motivated, and what I love is the common language and standards that Booth students and alumni alike share. There is an embodied intellectual curiosity, professionalism and trust - like coming home - but also the ability to consider different perspectives and challenge each other.

I always hope that the students I work with feel as strongly about Booth as I do and get the chance to stay involved post graduation. They will find that the Booth experience grows richer and deeper this way.

Category: Personal Support

Phil Nevels, '10

Student Nomination:
Phil has provided tremendous support in students' entrepreneurial endeavors at Booth. In one student's case, within the first few weeks of arriving in Chicago, Phil  invited him to his office, where he provided guidance on specific entrepreneurial challenges and taught him how to leverage Booth's resources. 

Phil connected me with other entrepreneurs and offered insight into how best to understand the unique challenges posed to minority business owners. In May 2012, before arriving at Booth, Phil provided feedback on my business plan, coached me through best practices on acquiring technical talent and hiring A-level players. He shared his own candid experiences and connected me with musicians for "MusicZaar." Phil even served as an advisor for my team in the Chicago Lean Start-Up Challenge. Furthermore, has been an aide in my "Building the New Venture" course. Phil came from downtown to meet with me at the Harper Center to discuss Power2Switch's customer acquisition and pricing strategy for an assignment. To address the needs of my client course-sponsor, he guided me through his presentation deck, which was used to raise $1.3M.

Phil is kind, considerate, and patient. He continues to be instrumental in my success.

Phil's Statement:
Before Booth, I (like many current students) didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was particularly interested in entrepreneurship, but had never started a company and didn’t have any entrepreneurs as mentors. Booth of course provided the finance, marketing, and strategy tools that enabled my exploration of the entrepreneurial world, but more importantly, Booth facilitated my connection to mentors (both inside the school and in the world at large) who were further along on their respective entrepreneurial journeys. From these conversations over coffee, I gained perspective and understanding to supplement the unparalleled instruction I received in the classroom. By reaching back to current students, I only hope to provide the mentorship that was so generously offered me when I was a student.

Thank you to all who submitted nominations and to those who voted. Thank you to everyone who nominated alumni and voted. A3 is a great step towards acknowledging the true strength of the Booth network and thanking those alumni that are actively engaged. Chicago Booth’s alumni network has never been stronger and we are excited to continue to build our community. We are looking forward to next year’s awards!
Eric Bradbury, Aaron Brown and Josh Egan
Class of 2014 DStAR, A3 Planning Committee


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