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About Us


Welcome to the Chicago Booth Asia Pacific Group website.

The Chicago Asia Pacific Group (CAP) is a student group dedicated to helping our members get to know Asia Pacific, land a job, and forge closer friendships. We have informational, social, and career programming throughout the year for our members.

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  • Housing

  • Transportation

    From downtown: Metra's the best bet, for you know exactly when the train goes and it goes timely. In fact you'll probably end up running for the train many mornings. It's $2.70 a ride if you get the 10-ride pass, not quite worth it to get the monthly pass unless you really love Harper Centre so much as to visit daily. CTA buses 2 & 6 run from downtown, but it's a longer and bumpier ride for about the same price. It might work if you don't mind the occasional 15min wait for the bus, live far from Metra (i.e. River North, Columbus, Tides/Shoreham, Loop) and decide to travel alot around in the L and buses. The monthly pass at $75 gives you unlimited rides on CTA trains and buses, so it's a steal if you also travel up to Lincoln Park in buses frequently. But the wait in the winter cold is brutal. Taking the red or green line to Garfield: wouldn't recommend it if avoidable.

  • Utilities, Cell Phone, Banking


    Essentially you have very little choice. Your building would let you know which guys supply what for your building. RCN for cable + internet + phone is ~$90, ComEd for electricity varies ~ $50 to $140 depending on season and your living habits.

    Cell Phone

    AT&T has scant coverage in many areas in Gleacher/Harper Centre, but generally everywhere else it's decent, unless you live really high up in a high rise building, in which case it's terrible.


    Without passing judgment on the likelihood of survival on either bank, BOA is great generally cause it's got ATMs everywhere across the nation. Except in school, which houses a Citi ATM in Harper Center, Gleacher Center, and just across MPP and a branch on campus.

Asia Recruiting Timeline

The biggest mistake that people make when they come is that people think there will be plenty of time later to prepare for interviews. However, as soon as school starts, firms come to recruit on campus on the first day of classes. Start preparing early. During the fall quarter, you allocate some time to preparing for recruiting. Throughout the year, talk to the second year students.

Here is the timeline for most people (scroll over the months)


Why become a CAP member?

Membership Benefits

- Participation in the Hong Kong Bank Week,  Shanghai Consulting Trek, China PE/VC trek, Singapore Trek and Spring Break Asian Trips.

- Connect with Asian recruiters and learn about Asian job opportunities

- Understand more about Asian cultures and economies

- Meet the most diverse student group in the Booth. Our members blanket nearly every country in Asia Pacific

- Befriend other students from Asian groups in other businss schools

Membership fees for 2013-2014

$60 for one-year membership

$90 for two-year membership

How to Join

By Check

Please issue a check payable to the "University of Chicago" with the appropriate fees

Write "CAP membership" AND your Booth user ID on the memo line

Drop the check off at our mail folder and send us an email


Questions? Email us



Chicago Asia Pacific Group

CAP is a Booth student group that serves to bridge Booth and Asia. CAP is unique as we have both a career and cultural focus.

CAP assists Booth students in their search of career opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. We serve as a point of contact with recruiters from Asia. We also facilitate the connection between current students and alumni.

Many of our members seek career opportunities in the US as well. Through CAP activities, CAP members can expect to make life-long friendships with other students who are either from Asia, or are interested in Asia!

Culturally, CAP aims to introduce Asia to those who are unfamiliar with Asian cultures. We coordinate with other student groups and also Booth Administration to achieve cultural diversity within the Booth commuinity. Come to one of our events to learn more about us!

Watch us: Welcome Video =)

Co-chairs 2013-2014

Samuel Lee

Ricky Zhang

Johnny Pi

Alex Guo

Sean Lee

Wei Hao Cho

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